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Red Camel International School believes in the ethos that every child must develop into a well-rounded individual, with emphasis on not just academics but also on co-curricular activities. Right from pre-school to senior classes, there is a wide range of interesting co-curricular activities offered during the academic year.

These include (and are not limited to)

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Sports, Art, Nasheed competition, Qirat, Drama, Quiz, Story telling and Field trips. Students can choose an activity of their interest, which gives them a chance to explore the world around by moving out of their daily classroom routine. Apart from developing the student’s creativity, these activities encourage self-confidence, trust and team spirit – traits that are crucial for a student as they step into the future.


The Red Camel journey will not be complete without the support of people who care and are concerned about our well being. These giants of their field are like the oasis where the camel gets its much needed rest and energy.

Let's walk though the illustrious visitors to our school:

i. "The Burooj Islamic Studies curriculum

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has also received excellent reviews from those teachers who are currently teaching it to over 10,000 students across India. I have studied and reviewed the curriculum and can safely say that the curriculum would meet all international standards of education." - Shaikh Abu Muhammad Naseem Islamic University of Madinah (Faculty of Shariah - 2006) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

ii. "The Burooj Islamic Studies curriculum has been developed over the past 10 years with their speciality of age - appropriate curriculum and incorporating the Multiple Intelligence theory." - Shaikh Tariq Applyby Islamic University of Madinah (Faculty of Hadeeth - 2007) Cape Town, South Africa

iii. "Thanks for your hospitality. I have already review the first book shams 01 the latest edition. This book completely different than the first edition. The book has been re-written and the focus is more child friendly." - Brother Anwar Cara, Kube Publising UK

iv. Our visitors at the Red Camel International School:

- Shaikh Arshad Basheer Madani -, Hyderabad, India
- Dr. Abdul Azeez Abdur Raheem - Understand Quran Academy, Hyderabad / Damam, KSA
- Brother Zaid Patel - Predident, IIC Mumbai
- Shaykh Junaid Kharsany Al Falaah College, South Africa
- Brother Arshad Muktaar Nadwi Jamia Mansoora Malegaon
- Brother Imran Inamdar Principal Kalsekar Polytechnic, Mumbai
- Brother Rafique Parbalkar Oman Konkani Welfare Association - OKWA Oman


What's Different?
Ask yourself, would you rather be Taking Freshman English or having an Arabic conversation with a shepherd in the desert?
Riding the bus to university or going on a jeep safari looking for tigers?
Eating cafeteria food or serving iftar at an orphan village in an SOS camp?
Walking the stairs to class or rock climbing?

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If you are looking for a meaningful way to learn in the school classroom yet explore the world around, then Red Camel International School may be for you.

Among the events that features in the school schedule are:

Leadership day

Guest visit

Personality development

Being Assertive day

Arabic and Nasheed Competition

Story telling Competition

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